Monday, 10 May 2010

Ann-Marie & Kevin (aka Pat)

Ann-Marie & Pat had everything at their wedding. Fireworks, Caricatures, competitions, chocolate fountains, Chinese lanterns, flashing dance floor, you name it they had it. Everything that is apart from their wedding rings. They were unfortunately stuck in Dubai because of a certain Volcano, BOOOO! Serves you right for not going to Argos like i did for Eva's ring ( only kidding Eva x ) Hope you had a great time in Vegas guys and thanks for an amazing day. C & E x

A huge thanks to Alan at Hamilton Digital Video for shining his light on the guys at the fireworks. It helped us capture one of our favourite images of the day. Alan was working in conjuction with Andy Lenihan Videography. We got a great laugh with the pair of them.

Ann-Marie's make-up was by VOWS award winner Jacquie Bruin from Looking Good and her hair was by the very talented Chrissy.

And a well done to Heather from Happy Ever After, for bringing the whole day together.

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