Friday, 12 August 2011

Lorna & Craig

When we wanted a piece of music for our slideshow presentations we knew exactly who to go to. Craig Brown is a professional musician, who devotes all his time to scoring film & tv work and our brief was vague and simple " something with a ukulele? " The resulting music 'Ukulele Lovebirds' ( Eva's title, not mine) has been so well received by all our clients, that Craig is about to venture into writing & producing bespoke wedding music for couples wanting something totally unique and personal for their big day. We'll keep you informed of Craig's progress and contact details when he's launched the new venture. We can't thank Lorna & Craig enough for a fantastic day and thanks again Craig for putting up with Eva asking for more and more and more Ukulele, heh heh!. C & E x

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