Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Nicola & Andrew

Nicola & Andrew's big day had an added significance for me as Nicola's mum, Linda, was a great friend of my mum's. My mum had constantly been on at Linda to get Nicola to look at us to do the wedding but Nicola and Andrew had already booked their photographers... us! What are the chances heh heh! And what a day we had. Everything was just perfect and it was one of those magical days where it all just clicked ( no pun intended ).We want to thank Nicola & Andrew for inviting us to their big day and for following us down a long muddy lane into a big field of yellow flowers ( ok... i said 30 yards, but it was more like 300 x ). But my biggest thank you is to Linda for being such a wonderful friend to my Mum. C & E xxx

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