Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Vicki & Chris

Vicki & Chris's big day was only 3 weeks before Lila was born so we thought we'd better have someone else with us 'just in case'. As fate would have it our good friend Linzie Russo, who is also a professional photographer, had just moved back from Oz, perfect! I don't know if Linzie was quite prepared for the rollercoaster that is the Scottish weather though. It poured, then it stopped, then it rained, then it stopped, then the sun came out, then it rained......aaargh!!!! But Vicki and Chris couldn't have been more relaxed and were rewarded when eventually the sun came out to stay, phew! A huge thanks to Vicki and Chris for being so great and for Lila's wee pink mouse, it's her favourite hee hee! E,C & L xxx

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